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Photo Restoration


Minor Restoration.

Up to £20 (depending on the amount of work required).

  • Light cleaning of spots, scratches and small blemishes, away from important complex areas such as faces or clothing.

  • Correct minor defects in contrast, brightness and colour balance.

  • Correct slight colour cast, light fading and minor discolouration.

  • Improve composition and straighten if possible within image area without the need to add to photo area.

  • Red eye removal on colour photos.


Medium Restoration.

£20 to £45 depending on amount of work required.

  • Moderate cleaning of spots, scratches, and creases

  • Repair damaged areas to non-vital areas of the image.

  • Correct moderate defects in contrast, brightness and colour balance.

  • Correct heavier colour cast plus more serious and uneven fading, discolouration, staining, some water or mould damage.

  • Removal of unwanted or distracting elements within the image.

  • Improve composition and straighten image including adding some areas to outer edges of photograph which are missing due to straightening up the image.

  • Red eye removal on colour images.


Major Restoration.

From £45 depending on amount of work required.

You will receive a no obligation quotation for this work before any costs are incurred.

  • Detailed Cleaning of complex areas of the image. Including deep scratches, bad creases and damage to people, including faces, clothes or other difficult areas.

  • Repair torn photographs including when the photograph is in more than one piece.

  • Replace missing parts of the photograph such as corners.

  • Correct badly faded stained or discoloured areas.

  • Repair water damage and remove any mould.

  • Remove any unwanted or distracting elements within the image including people.

Note:  Some complex restoration images may go beyond the time allowed for a major restoration.


If you are interested in a quote:

​Please send us an email with one of the following:

  • A scan of your photo(s) (at least 600dpi for greater detail).

  • A photo of the photo(s).

  • Full instructions of what needs to be repaired.

  • If you would like any prints of the original, or the repaired image (including sizes).

  • If you would like digital copies of the original or the repaired image.

You can even have the image(s) printed onto high quality aluminium (upto A4 size) 

Download the catalogue here for details

We will then email you with a quote.
If you accept, we may ask you to send us the original for us to scan.
All restoration work is done to the digital copy of your photo, leaving the original untouched.
The restored photos are then printed (if requested) to the sizes agreed.
Digital images will be sent to you via the WeTransfer service for security.

To ensure that your original photos are safe, we advise that you use registered post/courier.


Click here to email 

For some examples of our work please watch the Video below:

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